Mikael Lipton Bodothin Edit

Mikael Lipton Bodothin was a man who was loved by many members of the population. Legends say that he has had sex with many beautiful women.

Biography Edit

Mikael was born in The First Year, and was 1,998 years old when he died. Almost completely needless to say, is that he died in 1998.

In 1447, Mikael Lipton Bodothin walked peacefully down a street, when a Dragon came crashing through the town. Mikael ate this Dragon and went on about his day, and later saw what he had believed to be the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in his life... Michelle Morana. He immediately ran up to this woman, got down on his knee, and asked her to marry him.

"Ms.The-all-mighty-slut... will you marry me, Mikael Lipton Bodothin?"
To which Michelle replied: "What? No-- OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU!", she then strikes him, leaving a permanent scar across his eye.

Two years later, Mikael and Michelle were, according to Mikael, having sex when a group only known as The Dick-Saugers, broke into their house and kidnapped Mikael, Michelle screamed for help but the Dick-Saugers bashed Mikael's head in with a rock 160 times, and dragged him off into the night. When Mikael woke up, he questioned the Dick-Saugers, to which they relayed their reasoning to him. They had kidnapped him simply because they wanted him to help them "Get bitches". Mikael was released, but managed to stab and kill every single Dick-Sauger, but one managed to utter his last words:

"We... will kill you... Mikaaee--"
Mikael walked back home to his wife.

Influence Edit

Mikael Lipton Bodothin taught many children that it is okay to have sex with many women, to which he recieved many lawsuits.

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