Michelle Morana Edit

Michelle Morana is a strong and independant woman who is behind all things beyond stupid.

Biography Edit

Michelle Morana was born in 1430, and was born with a disease that made her toes bigger than her own forehead. Michelle grew up in Dravensville, Germany, and went to the "Intergalactic Home of the damned Sausages High School".

Michelle Morana was married to Mikael Lipton Bodothin in 1447, the same year he proposed to her what she believes to be "The stupidest proposal ever". She had 97 kids with him in 1997. Mikael died of AIDS in 1998, which makes sense, considering that he was, literally, a male slut. Michelle Morana lives on to this day in the deep, steep, and dark corners of Nazi Germany. When asked about her husband, she responds with:

"Who the fuck is Mikael, isn't he that dude who screwed 14 billion women? I've never met this man, who are you? how did you even get in my hous--"
Michelle Morana has written many stories, including "Sex is not about sex, it's about Michael Moreno", "If you want to live, you have to eat it", and has even written a short story called "23 Roof", which contains only one word: 23. The book was also in the shape of a roof.

Influence Edit

Michelle Morana has made many children in Dravensville, Germany proud of their giant toes. She has been studying her whole life for a cure for the giant toes condition, which she believes to be caused by consumption of a large amount of potatoes by the mother. When asked about a cure, Michelle Morana had this to say:

"The only known cure is to eat lots of tacos and hope for the best. Fuck you."

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