Super Mario 64 Edit

Super Mario 64 is a really damn cool 3D platform game created for the fucking Nintendo 64 in 1996. This game has sold over 11 Million copies, and is agreed upon by a whole bunch of fuckers that this is the best god damn game on the Nintendo 64 (or ever). Starting here, we are going to go over every aspect of Super Mario 64, including how to get all 120 Stars, in our own personal style.

Courses Edit

-Bob-omb Battlefield- -Whomp's Fortress- -Jolly Roger Bay- -Cool, Cool Mountain- -Big Boo's Haunt- -Hazy Maze Cave- -Lethal Lava Land- -Shifting Sand Land- -Dire, Dire Docks- -Snowman's Land- -Wet-Dry World- -Tall, Tall Mountain- -Tiny-Huge Island- -Tick Tock Clock- -Rainbow Ride-.

(We will go over these when ever we feel like it.) Edit

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