Bob-omb Battlefield Edit

300px-SM64 Bob-omb Battlefield Red Coins Map

Bob-omb Battlefield should be one of the most remembered courses in Super Mario 64, as it is -literally- the first fucking course you play on, you need to get at least ONE Star from here, or you can't continue. So welcome to Bob-omb Battlefield, or as it's known in the German version: Bob-ombs Bombenberg (Which is entirely incorrect, the correct word for "Battlefield" in German is "Schlachtfeld", "Bombenberg" means "Bomb Castle", good job Nintendo, holy shit.)

SM64DS-Bob-omb Battlefield Map

Also, as a map designer, I strongly wish this map was easier to recreate. God damnit Nintendo, you could have at least TRIED to look into the future and make this level easier for me to recreate for Garry's Mod.

Star List Edit

-Big Bob-omb on the Summit- -Footrace with Koopa The Quick- -Shoot to the Island in the Sky- -Find the 8 Red Coins- -Mario Wings to the Sky- -Behind Chain Chomp's Gate-

Big Bob-omb on the Summit Edit

...In case you're wondering, this level's name in German isn't stupid, it's "Besiege König Bob-omb" which means "Defeat King Bob-omb", and I think that is a hell of a lot better than "Big Bob-omb on the Summit". In fact, in every translation there is for this level, they all include "King Bob-omb" in the name, but not in the English version. Why? because America.

This is the first Star you are supposed to get in Bob-omb Bombenberg (I have to repeat 'Bombenberg'


forever now). It involves you running through the Battlefield (*ahem* ...Bombenberg) to climb to the top of a Summit to fight King Bob-omb. Mario just does everything for nothing, I swear... Run from the beginning point


of the level up the bridge, and follow the dirt path, which leads you past Chain Chomp, and to a bridge that tilts. Once you've made it across that, go up the Stairs that... got there... somehow, and you'll end up on the Battleground. Face the Cannon in the distance, and look right, there is an open gate-wall-stupid-piece-of-shit-thing that leads you on your path to the top of the Summit (there are two pockets along the path, and they can be used as teleporters). Once at the top, you will meet King Bob-omb, he greets you by saying something along the lines of:

"God damnit Mario you scaled my mountain you have no right you Italian fucker go eat dirt you little shit".
And then a battle starts. To defeat King Bombe-Meister, you must make your way behind him to pick him up and throw him, do this three times and he will admit defeat, giving you a Star.

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